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What Do Cannabis Bath Bombs Do and How They Can Benefit You

Last updated on February 12, 2019

What Are The Benefits of Cannabis Bath Bombs?

If you were looking for a sign to convince you to take some “me” time, here it is! But take that rare and cherished time, and amp it up a notch. Everyone loves a good, hot bath, especially on colder days. Now with a cannabis bath bomb, you can enjoy them even more! Hot water can only do so much to calm you down, but CBD and other cannabinoids take it a step farther.

Implementing CBD into your routine may be the best decision you ever make. Enjoy what little time you get to yourself, to a whole new level. And I’ll tell you why.

Imagine the relaxation of a hot bath, then times that by 10 by adding a 100 MG CBD bath bomb. CBD is known as the healing component in marijuana and hemp. Whether you’re looking for a way to loosen tense muscles, soften your skin, reduce anxiety, or soothe sunburns; this bomb is your best friend.

Yes, you could use another CBD product that’s either just absorbed through the skin, ingested, OR you can relax and enjoy a CBD bath. Hemp bath bombs are helpful and safe during pregnancy, a time that is known for swollen feet and a sore back. Yes, you read this correctly! These CBD bath bombs and CBD, in general, is perfectly safe while you’re pregnant. Making these an exceptional way to ease the pain.

CBD Bath Bomb Health Benefits

CBD has the potential to improve your mental health and overall wellness. Finding the best and most convenient way for you to get it is important. We all enjoy a good bath from time to time, now imagine bathing in the fountain of youth. That is what essentially CBD is, and what it can do.

It’s absolutely full of benefits, from soothing sunburns, relieving tension, washing away worries to increasing serotonin (these are your happy chemicals.)

Take the benefits and couple them with an extra step of relaxation; a bath.

Learn more about the benefits of CBD bath bombs

Here are more benefits that I didn’t mention:

  • Pain relief
  • Reduce anxiety & depression
  • Helps problems related to the nervous system
  • Promotes mental health
  • Cost efficient
  • Reduces inflammation

Helps Relax Your Mood and Boost Mental Clarity

One of CBD’s most sought-after properties is its way of relieving any anxiety and depression. It does this by reacting with your serotonin receptors in your brain to increase your serotonin production. Serotonin is known as your “happy chemical,” and if you’re lacking it, or have an imbalance, it can cause some not so wanted feelings like anxiety and depression. It can also fuel the cannabinoids needed for the Endocannabinoid system found in your body, which controls mood.

Helps Release Tension in Your Body

For starters, tension in your muscles is caused by nerve impulses that make your muscles contract. Keyword, nerve. As I previously mentioned, we have an Endocannabinoid system that is a nervous system. BINGO. This means that there’s a link between cannabinoids and your nerves. Studies have shown there is a direct connection between cannabinoids & their receptors who play a crucial part in communication between muscle groups and the neurons that control them. Now, remember that research is still being conducted to figure out how exactly this works, and how exactly the ECS functions in regard to the overall chemical pathways of cell-to-cell communication. One thing is for certain, though — cannabinoids absolutely play a part in the alleviation of muscle spasticity.

Enhance Your Glow and Detox

Cannabis contains 2 of the most hydrating vitamins, E & C. With these two rejuvenating vitamins, you can feel new again. They encourage cell growth, ease the removal of dead cells, and hydration. Along with the omega fatty acids that are the building blocks of healthy cells and bring anti-aging properties.

Skin Restoration

The secret to keeping young and fresh looking skin is CBD. CBD is packed full of antioxidants, the key to generating healthy cell growth, and protecting what’s important, our DNA and cells. They’re essential for removing the toxins in our and body are keeping us in the best shape we can be. Who doesn’t want beautiful skin?

CBD even goes a step further to remove cellulite, our worst fear. Along with moisturizing and rehabilitating skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema. Your skin reaps the most benefits from CBD bath bombs and that’s because CBD absorbs through the pores in your skin. Making it easy access for the skin to possess the perks.

Combat a Cold and Fight a Flu

The Endocannabinoid system is truly the boss of the body, controlling a lot of things, including homeostasis and your immune system. Cannabinoids, which make up the endocannabinoid system, are known as immunomodulators, which means they help regulate and influence the function of the immune system. When taking in cannabinoids, you are ensuring that your Endocannabinoid system is in balance, making it harder to catch ailments since it directly affects your immune system.

Soaking Away PMS and Menstrual Cramps

Cramps are never an ideal situation, but we have a quick fix to those pesky problems. CBD is great for relieving tension in muscles, and that’s exactly what cramps are. For my men out there looking out for our ladies, menstrual cramps, or dysmenorrhea, is the tightening of the uterus, but if it contracts too strongly during your menstrual cycle, it can press against nearby blood vessels. This briefly cuts off the supply of oxygen to the uterus. It’s this lack of oxygen that causes pain and cramping. CBD works to relieve menstrual muscle tension, and also decrease inflammation which is linked to pain relief.

Transform Your Everyday Bathroom into a Spa

You deserve a break every chance you get, and sometimes you can’t always run to a spa. And that’s why we make the best of what we got, and what do we have that’s always accessible? Our bathroom. I have the tips and tricks needed to turn your bathroom into a spa resort.

The first step, bath bombs. You can go the DIY route to have some fun before relaxing, or you can pop a CBD bath bomb in for some extra relaxation and relief.

Next, if it smells good, it feels better. Essential oils not only offer some relaxation, but they smell amazing. Different oils offer different benefits, but you can always opt for a good smelling candle. I mean who doesn’t love candlelight?

Atmosphere is everything. Maybe you like silence, maybe you enjoy some smooth jazz. Pick your therapy. Along with some nice plants to make you feel fancy, and match a spa’s scenery.

Don’t forget to keep it clean. A cluttered area can lead to anxiety, and that’s the opposite of what we’re trying to achieve. Clean it up, then kick back.

And to end it off nicely, enjoy some fluffy, nice towels or robes to just chill in. No rush to put your pajamas on.

Cannabis Bath Bomb FAQs

How Do Cannabis Bath Bombs Work?

Cannabis bath bombs contain a cannabinoid found in hemp and marijuana, Cannabidiol, or more commonly known as CBD. This is the main cannabinoid known for all the health benefits tagged with cannabis. These DO NOT contain THC, which is the chemical that makes you ‘high.’ When the cannabis bath bombs are put into a bath, it’s not only relaxing but efficient way for your body to absorb the CBD. Quick, easy, and relieving.

Can you use Hemp Bath Bombs While Pregnant?

Yes! As we continue our research with CBD, it shows no risks to the baby. This method of CBD is often used during pregnancy to alleviate nausea and pain. According to a 6-year research project in Jamaica, Nineteen of the thirty-three users reported that it relieved nausea and improved appetite; 15 said that it reduced fatigue. Participants also stated that they found relief from depression and feelings of desperation, associated with raising children in poverty. In California, follow-up research conducted also found no developmental problems in the babies of mothers who used cannabis. In addition, three women previously thought to be sterile conceived; mothers were 8 times more likely to breastfeed for at least a year, and all gave birth naturally.

Do Hemp Bombs Get You High?

In layman’s terms, no, hemp is not marijuana. The compound that gets you high is Tetrahydrocannabinol, or more commonly known as THC. Hemp contains all the healing benefits of every other cannabinoid, but THC.

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