Introducing, the Best CBD Beauty products by Enflower

CBD has been on the rise, and a newcomer has hopped on board. Presenting the best CBD beauty products on the market, Enflower. They are here to step up the game and step out of the box; fusing natural-ingredient products with the best CBD possible. Your cabinet of low quality products tagged with crazy dollar amounts is nothing compared to what Enflower has to offer with the best prices around. From face creams that work for every problem in the book, to a one way ticket to a relaxing experience with 100 mg CBD bath bombs, to even ways to soothe pain with CBD salves; Enflower has you covered.

How Does CBD Cosmetics Work?

Let’s get down to business, or well science. The star of the show is Cannabidiol, or what we refer to as CBD. This is a compound/cannabinoid found in Hemp and Marijuana that holds the most healing factors in all of the cannabinoids. Now believe it or not, one of the most important nervous systems in our body is called the ‘Endocannabinoid’ system. It controls homeostasis, the key to living in harmony.

There’s 2 receptors in the body that are apart of the Endocannabinoid system, CB1 and CB2. Only difference is where you can find them; CB1 is found in the nervous system, and CB2 is found within tissue. Meaning you have your choice of taking in CBD.

What Does CBD in Beauty Products Do?

Now that we know what CBD affects science wise, let’s talk about what CBD does.

The large majority of CBD users seek pain relief, but have little idea of how it works. Anandamide is a compound in the body that regulates pain, and CBD stops the body from absorbing it. Meaning that if it can’t be absorbed, there’s no pain to be had. It also reduces inflammation, another cause of pain.

One of the other perks of CBD is how it reduces Anxiety and Depression. They are usually treated with SSRI’s, a medication that increases the production of serotonin, or your “happy chemical.” But believe it or not, CBD acts the same way. It reacts with your 5-HT1A, a serotonin receptor which signals the brain to create more serotonin- this chemical is what boosts mood and reduces anxiety. Along with many other mental disorders, such as Bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

And last but certainly not least, the healing benefits. Like most things, you can have a deficiency in the body, and it can lead you to feel pretty lackluster. Due to having an Endocannabinoid system, it means you can have a shortage of cannabinoids. But luckily, this problem isn’t hard to fix.

There are many products that include CBD that hold their own benefits, but also help with evening out any cannabinoid imbalance that may be occurring. 

CBD Pain Balm Relieves Joint Pain

No one wants to feel pain, and sometimes your common drug store pain reliever just doesn’t do the trick, this is where a CBD balm for pain can come into play. Especially one that includes the entirety of the Hemp plant, instead of just one cannabinoid easing your discomfort, they all work together to combat the pain. It works right away by just applying this balm to the area needed, making for fast and easy relief.

CBD Suppositories Help Relieve Hemorrhoids and Endometriosis

These CBD suppositories for menstrual cramps are the even FASTER way to  soothe your pain. If you happen to suffer from any abdominal pain, these are the sure fire way to cure your cause. Whether the pain be from your GI system, hemorrhoids, or menstrual cramps, these CBD suppositories are your best bet at getting the relief you seek. They work by immediately being in a proper environment to be absorbed, and with the rectum being a permeable membrane; the CBD is then absorbed and dispersed quickly.

CBD Eye Cream Helps Puffy Eyes

You’ve heard of aloe, now let me introduce you to CBD under eye cream. CBD has been found to have anti-aging affects, as well as healing and moisturizing properties. Because of these new found affects,CBD eye cream has become a heavily seeked for product. And from me to you, just because it says “Eye cream,” doesn’t mean you can’t use it anywhere else! It has been found to soothe sunburns, and even help out common skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis! Another added benefit is that CBD is antioxidant meaning it helps your skin fight against things we encounter everyday, like UV rays and cigarette smoke, more like things that cause the dreaded wrinkles! But that’s not all, CBD is known to help the rejuvenation of cell growth, by getting rid of the nasty dead cells, and encouraging new cell growth. It’s never too early, OR too late to keep your skin at its peak!

Relax With 100 MG CBD Bath Bombs

And we saved the best for last, now bathing never felt so relaxing with these CBD bath bombs. Take your bathing experience to the next with the best essential oils to soothe your soul coupled with CBD, best known form to calm your senses. Lay back while CBD increases your happy chemical, and leaves you feeling great. Throw away the epsom salt, and the icy hot, CBD is making way with its power to relax achy muscles, and relieve pain, being the best two in one you can find. Pop one in the tub, and start loving life.

CBD is starting to take over the world one product at a time, it’s time you turn to the CBD side, and watch it change your life.